Advanced Training 300 Hour + PYTT


Our CYTT, PYTT, and PYCT trainings are registered for VA Education Benefits

for in-person attendance. Our programs are not considered full-time
which will impact your benefits, including your housing allowance.

Save when you register for the full 300 Hour PYTT in advance
and if you need it, access to our payment plan option.
Link through for payment options.

Our PranaYoga Teacher Training is taught
by a knowledgeable team of teachers.
Curriculum by Hansa C-IAYT, LMT, KCYT, yoga instructor since 1988.

Topics that are part of our core courses total 200 hours and are offered in a year’s time; this cycle repeats yearly. Elective courses must add up to 100 hours and are scheduled often. It is recommended that you review our elective course options so you can request any focus of study to be added to the schedule. Class times vary with weekday, weekend, evening, single session, weekly sessions, etc; click through to see specifics. You can complete the certification at your own pace within a 3-year period. It’s encouraged that you teach yoga classes throughout your training schedule and you’ll be able to deepen your teaching skills along the way!

Link through each course to learn more about each topic. Below, there are two types for the 300 Hour + PYTT, core courses are required and offered in a rotating schedule then elective courses are those that you choose. Be sure to scroll down for all options. If you are not doing the full 300 Hour + PYTT, then individual registration is allowed through the links on the topics below. 

Core Courses – all 200 hours, dates forthcoming

Stay tuned for next offering Saṁskṛt for Yogāsana

August 18-20 & 25-27 Deepening Practices: Maturing the Foundations

Stay tuned for next offering Yoga with Props

Stay tuned for next offering Art of Body Reading and Assisting

Stay tuned for next offering Meditation in Yoga Classes
Stay tuned for next offering Language through the Kośa

Stay tuned for next offering Jyotiśa: Introduction to Light
November 30, December 6, 13, 21 Āyurveda for Yoga Teachers: Philosophy and Foundations


Ongoing offerings for Elective Courses for 100 hours, more TBA

Stay tuned for registration in other proposed topics:
Partner Yoga, Chair Yoga, Senior Yoga