Yoga Trainings and Workshops

Advanced registration is required in our Yoga Trainings and Workshops. Don’t delay!
Please register by 2 weeks of the program start date as classes without minimum registration will be canceled.
Some classes offer early discounts that you won’t want to miss.

Listed below are our current offerings in order of date. If PYTT is indicated, you must have a basic 200-hour certification to register and the course can be applied toward your advanced training hours, though there are some instances where exceptions are made. These and other workshops may be attended by anyone in the community for personal growth.


Hansa Knox

Mondays with Hansa:

Asana as a Metaphor for Life (PYTT)

July 20 – August 24, 2020
Online Class, Open to All

Join Hansa as she explores different tools, concepts, or more. Sometimes part of our training (PYTT) or open to all, but always giving you an opportunity to GROW YOUR YOGA! Follow the link to find out about the current offering.

Contemplative Yoga Teacher Training

begins September 3, 2020  —  a 10-month training
Applications due August 8th

Our program goes above and beyond most basic trainings of 200 hours; it offers an additional 65 hours built in to help you hone your yoga teaching skills and develop a deep personal practice while addressing a complete curriculum. It’s purpose is to introduce the foundations for teaching yoga and developing a yogasana class. Our program has deep roots in the Kripalu tradition and classical yogasana techniques offering an inclusive experience of the spiritual foundations within a traditional yoga practice. Taught by Mary-Ann and Sandy. 


Case Taking

Exploring the Spiritual Realm: Case Taking for Yoga Therapists

October 2, 3 & 4 online course
FOR Yoga Therapists – Advanced Yoga Teachers by Instructor permission
APD credit for C-IAYT

In this workshop, we will explore a powerful addition to how you take a client’s case and connect to their needs. We will explore how you can guide a client into the sensations of the body and allow the sensations to reveal the inner dimension of the dis-ease or life experience that is limiting them.

Deepening Practices: Maturing the Foundations (PYTT)

Stay tuned for new dates
Required for Yoga Therapy training in 2021
Don’t delay to submit your application
includes Subtle Body Anatomy weekend

Join Hansa in this review of the cosmology of yoga and the tools to help us remember our truth, and an overview of the basics of asana, pranayama, meditation, dristi, mudra, mantra and bandha.  We will delve into the effect of yoga tools in relationship to yogic anatomy and ayurveda.  A general, brief overview of many classical yoga texts rounds out the course.  Textbooks required.

Subtle Body Anatomy (PYTT)

Stay tuned for a new date – FOR Yoga Teachers
also part of our typical Deepening Practices series

Learn more about the messages that the body conveys.

Deepen your Yoga Practice based on Jyotish (PYTT)

Rescheduled from postponement during the pandemic

February 6 & 7, 2021

Join Helgrid and Amit for a weekend that gives an understanding of how our Karma, as seen through our horoscope, helps us in our Yoga practice. Our chart tells us who we are as an individual. Our Yoga practice should also play to that individuality. Jyotish can help us individualize our Yoga practice.

My Body Says What! Body Reading for Yoga Therapists

postponed because of the pandemic
February 20 & 21, 2021
FOR Yoga Therapists, and Advanced Yoga Teachers with Instructor approval
APD credit for C-IAYT

Join Hansa to explore reading the physical and subtle energies of a client’s body. We will look at the ancient teachings and how they may be interpreted that allows the body to become a Silent Communicator. The information will be translated to the practical applications of reading a yoga therapy client’s body for the purposes of understanding the client and knowing limitations to provide adaptive protocol, and ultimately, to support our awareness of what impact our yoga therapy guidance has on their body, mind, emotions and Spirit.

PranaYoga Cikitsa: Yoga Therapist Training

*new date*: Begins 2021
Note: must complete the prerequisite of Deepening Practices
Applications due prior to evaluate your advanced education

The PranaYoga Cikitsa (Sanskrit for therapy) training is the most extensive training program offered in the United States.  It is a 1370-hour training integrating the philosophy of yoga and Kashmir Shaivism with structural yoga, ayurveda, and multiple tools of yoga that includes, but is not limited to, an overview of:  asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra, mantra, pratipaksha bhavana, yoga nidra, jyotisha, color therapy, mitahara (diet), vihara, vastu shastra, ritual, yogi nidra svadyayam and others. Taught by Hansa, Helgrid and Anandi.

Regarding the following:

Our intention is to offer these Yoga Trainings & Workshops and yet we are weighing the impact before making final decisions about rescheduling due to the coronavirus.  We’ll roll this over as things regarding the COVID-19 pandemic evolve.
For Yoga Therapy, please still consider getting your application submitted for evaluation of your advanced hours.

Best Practices in Physical Application of Yoga Therapy (PYTT)

Postponed due to the current pandemic

Join Priti as she shares best practices that offer principles and techniques to support life-long vibrancy for practitioners, as well as empowering practitioners and teachers to utilize touch and physical assistance to catalyze and transmit the experience of integration.

Supporting Students with Props (PYTT)

Postponed due to the current pandemic

Join Sandy and Mary-Ann for this continuing education class specifically focused on the use of external props. Working with props adds variety and a new way to explore awareness of the body — the silent communicator of the Spirit. Join us as we deepen the experience of integrating props as a tools for exploring the multiple dimensions of yogāsana.