We are a Center that offers Education in
Yoga Teaching, Yoga Therapy, and the Vedic Sciences
as well as regular Yoga Classes.
For us, yoga is more than asana.
Small classes provide personalized instruction.
Join others that are like-minded.
Dig a deep well through knowledge and practices.

Located Centrally in Denver ~ 3333 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80211 ~ Parking lot through the alley

Located Centrally in Denver

3333 Federal Blvd. Denver CO 80211

Parking lot through the alley

Upcoming Free Offerings

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Kula Sangha Meditations

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Together, Jeremy, Priti, John, and Hansa are creating and cultivating an inclusive community to support practicing their dharma and living the path of love. These Kula Sangha Meditations are offered for free but they graciously receive any donation you might make for your attendance. 

Listen to the previous month’s meditation, “Gratitude”: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8a26uiv58207rvc/AACkFFzHWQ0nqj9cuDLo1bdba?dl=0

Life IS a Game Changer

December 14
9 – 9:45 a.m. MT
Online Session, Open to All
Kula Sangha Meditations

Kula Sangha Meditations
December Path of Love

Register in advance for this month’s meditation:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining.

Path of Love Meditations

Online Session, Open to All

Hansa and Kourtney are offering this opportunity for group meditation focused on the Path of Love. Path of Love aims to inspire people to elevate their hearts and minds to understand that a world filled with love and peace is a reality we can collectively move towards. We are asking everyone to share a reading, then, in silence, receive the words. The readings can be whatever calls you. 

2021 Path of Love
Yoga Therapy Training

If you are an advanced yoga teacher interested in the Yoga Therapy profession, we’d love to answer your questions about our program!

Reach out for info on our upcoming Yoga Therapy Training and prerequisite bridge course, Deepening Practices.

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Mala Chanting with Hansa

In this brief complimentary video training, Hansa introduces some details about using a mala for your chanting and meditation practices.

The goal is to add meaning to the purposeful practices you may already be employing or intend to begin working with. 

See more on our YouTube page.

It is unknown how long guidelines for the coronavirus pandemic will be in place.
We are offering online opportunities to honor current guidelines and preferences to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 
Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the curriculum and yoga experience in what we offer.
Each class, workshop or program will have a specific format based on class content.
Review the offering you are taking and feel free to Contact Us if you have questions.