We are a Center that offers Education in Yoga Teaching, Yoga Therapy, and the Vedic Sciences as well as regular Yoga Classes.

It is unknown how long guidelines for the coronavirus pandemic will be in place.
We are offering online opportunities to honor the current guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
As appropriate, we will build our classes, courses, and trainings into hybrid, hyflex or in-person attendance.

Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the curriculum and yoga experience in what we offer.
Each class, workshop or program will have a specific format based on class content.
Review the offering you are taking and feel free to Contact Us if you have questions.

For us, yoga is more than asana.
Small classes provide personalized instruction.
Join others that are like-minded.
Dig a deep well through knowledge and practices.

Located Centrally in Denver ~ 3333 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80211 ~ Parking lot through the alley

Located Centrally in Denver

3333 Federal Blvd. Denver CO 80211

Parking lot through the alley

Our Free Offerings

Also, see Yoga Trainings & Workshops for our proposed schedule. And, check out our Online Yoga Classes.

Nov3 meditation

Responding from Anchored Presence

Join Jeremy Wolf, Priti Chanda Klco, John Vosler, and Hansa, as they offer an opportunity to connect with your authentic self and identify your presence. And, plan ahead for a longer workshop coming soon!

Dec. 8th, 9 – 9:45 a.m. Online Zoom Meditation
Stay tuned for more info

Centering In Midst of Uncertainty

Join the group through a recording as they offer a meditation focused on connection to your inherent nature, this past Election Day.

Access the free meditation here.

Mala Chanting with Hansa

In this brief complimentary video training, Hansa introduces some details about using a mala for your chanting and meditation practices.

The goal is to add meaning to the purposeful practices you may already be employing or intend to begin working with.