Anatomy of Āsana Introduction: Western Musculoskeletal Focus (PYTT – Āsana Foundations)


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This course is focused on western musculoskeletal anatomy integrated with eastern anatomy, especially focusing on the prānavāyu. Āsana will be taught with an emphasis on alignment integrating the release of muscles ‘hold’ and allowing the prānavāyu to support effortless effort.

The course will include a review of western and subtle anatomy.  We will then build anatomical and prānavāyu awareness for yoga postures.  Finally, we will re-address the anatomy trains, offering tools to adapt āsana in a group yoga class. 


3-punch handouts provided. Bring your own notebook or folder.

Required textbook:
The Key Muscles of Yoga Vol 1 by Ray Long and Chris Macivor

Optional books:
Trail Guide for the Body, Volume 6 by Andrew Biel
Anatomy Trains by Thomas W. Myers
Science of Yoga: Understanding the Anatomy and Physiology to Perfect Your Practice by Ann Swanson

Taught by: