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PranaYoga ~ Your School for Vedic Knowledge

Our school’s philosophy is that the Vedic Sciences are intimately interwoven.
Our offerings combine the sciences of yoga, ayurveda, jyotisha and sanskrit.

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Hansa began teaching yoga in Denver after studying at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in 1988. As her classes continued to grow, she was asked to begin teacher training courses and graduated her first group of teachers in 2000. Hansa has always continued her own personal study. Recognizing that the multiple dimensions of Vedic arts that expanded her horizons were not taught in Denver, she overflowed her own studies and developed training opportunities for Advanced Yoga Teachers, then Ayurveda, then Sanskrit and Jyotisha, then ultimately, in Yoga Therapy.

Hansa is the owner of Gentle Touch Body Mind Spirit Connection, which offers massage and yoga classes to the local community; she is also the owner of PranaYoga and Ayurveda Mandala, which offers training programs in the Vedic Sciences. Hansa is the Director of our Training Center and the Heart of our School and Studio. She is forever a student of Yoga, honing her skills and broadening her horizons, and bringing it all back to her students; she teaches many of the trainings in part or whole. She is also a founding member of Sanga, our sister non-profit organization – see more through Sanga Community Outreach.

Over the years, Hansa has lifted up all of her students through empowering them to find their own voice and pursue their passions. And, she has consistently looked to the greater community and honored the wisdom of others on the path in bringing their flavor to the many trainings that she laid the foundation.

Hansa is now in the process of transferring her clients to the amazing students who have studied and graduated from PranaYoga’s programs. In the meantime, Hansa is still teaching and connecting through the studio. She also believes in fostering connections throughout the community! She teaches nationally; her current associations include: Samadhi Yoga Sangha in Denver, Colorado and The Stress Management Center of Marin in California.

Everything that happens here is based on Classical Yoga and the rich lineage of the ancient seers; therefore, our offerings include all of the Vedic Sciences. No matter how and why you come to us, there is an emphasis on learning to listen to the wisdom of the body and allowing the inner prana to guide your exploration.

We have many trainings, and we also offer classes and workshops that allow anyone to explore without the professional commitment.

  • We offer small, personalized yoga classes that integrate body, mind, and Spirit.
  • We have Ayurveda trainings that explore the philosophy and the ancient technologies: assessment tools, herbal applications, and lifestyle considerations.
  • We offer Yoga Teacher Training for all levels of study: a foundational training starts off the curious yoga practitioner into the world of teaching or complements a deeper understanding for those who don’t want to teach, and our advanced trainings allow a Yoga Teacher to deepen their practice and skill set to higher levels.
  • Additionally, Yoga Teachers may choose to focus back to Yoga’s roots with the current trend that is growing more and more popular through our in-depth and extensive Yoga Therapist training.

To offer a safe, spiritual space for people to explore the many dimensions of Yoga and Ayurveda.

We accomplish this by offering: 

  1. Yogasana classes taught by experienced, qualified teachers
  2. Classes and workshops exploring the broad aspects of yoga practices and philosophies
  3. Yoga Training certifications
  4. Ayurveda and Vedic Science workshops
  5. A supply of Vedic Science books and other products in The Yoga Shop

Current Courses, Gatherings, and Trainings

Come together with like-minded people to explore.

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Yoga Classes

Treat your body, mind, and Spirit in our individualized classes. 

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Private Consultations with Hansa

Hansa treats the uniqueness of each person. She is trained in Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments, Homeopathy, Massage Therapy, and more, and uses her individualized approach with her clients.

Yoga Therapy Appointments

We can arrange Private Yoga Therapy sessions with certified Yoga Therapists. And, The Clinics at PranaYoga offers discounted rates with Therapists-in-training, available during class hours or by appointment.

Access The Clinics info here. Let us know what your interests are through Contact Us and we’ll get back to you.

These are the core offerings here at PranaYoga. Please go to Yoga Trainings & Workshops for our current schedule.

Yoga Teacher Training

Contemplative Yoga Teacher Training (CYTT)
Learn the foundations for your own practice and to teach others

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

PranaYoga Teacher Training (PYTT)
Expand your skills as a teacher and enhance your personal practice

Yoga Therapy Training

Deepening Practices: Maturing the Foundations Bridge Program 
PranaYoga Cikitsa: The Therapeutic Application of Yoga Certificate Training  
Approved Professional Development courses C-IAYT continuing education

Continuing Education Courses

If you are already a professional, here you can Grow Your Yoga and Deepen your Practices: from Asana to Meditation to Pranayama to Ritual, and so much more. May apply to our PYTT. Some workshops are open to the public.