Study with Us

PranaYoga provides extensive trainings that offer much more than the basics.

Our goal is to include breadth and depth so that a student builds a sturdy foundation for the rest of their educational and personal pursuits. Here you’ll see our main trainings.

We teach both yoga and yoga therapy informed by Ayurveda. We offer Ayurveda, Jyotisha, and Sanskrit workshops for yoga teachers to integrate and enhance their teaching skills.

Our trainings were taught and established well before the current standards for yoga training, therefore the hours are unique to our programs and different from what is commonly offered. 

Our Basic 265-hour Training is the Contemplative Yoga Teacher Training

This 265-hour program is available to those who want to become yoga teachers as well as those who want to deepen their yoga practice. Our program is open to students who have practiced yoga for a minimum of one year.

The purpose of this foundational program is to teach and introduce asana basics, pranayama, meditation, basic anatomy and physiology, styles of teaching, marketing skills, and to offer opportunities for spiritual attunement. The information is wrapped into the Philosophy of Yoga which encourages that yoga be taken beyond the mat to a lifestyle of wellness and stillness.
Yoga Alliance Approved RYS® 200. 

Our Advanced 300 Hour + Training is the PranaYoga Teacher Training

300-hour trainings are typically the next step for teachers to accumulate a minimum total of 500 hours training.
Join us in our expansive program: We offer the option to attain that and more in our 300 Hour + training, with more than 1000 hours of optional classes available including the required 200 hours of core courses. You must have a 200-hour YTT certification or permission of the School Director before you can register. Courses can be used as continuing education.
Yoga Alliance Approved RYS® 300. 

Sample of core topics include these and more:

Chakra, Tantra, and Esoteric Anatomy • Hatha Yoga Classical Texts • Patanjali Yoga Sutras • Yoga Teaching Methodology • Ayurveda for Yogasana Teachers • Bhagavad Gita

Sample of special interest elective courses include:

Children’s Yoga • Prenatal Yoga • Senior Yoga • Yoga Nidra • Sanskrit • Yoga as Therapy • Classical Texts

Our Yoga Therapist certification is the PranaYoga Cikitsa Training

Our training is a 1380-hour program. Only advanced professional yoga teachers are accepted.
Requirements include that you must have 200 hours of basic yoga education and an additional 300 hours of advanced training before you can register. Our bridge program gives you the necessary foundations for the full training and it can count toward the required advanced training hours. 

Deepening Practices: Maturing the Foundations

This required bridge program provides an overview of advanced content required for the full training.

Sample topics for the bridge program and the full training include these, plus much more:

Cosmology and Philosophy of Yoga • Classical Texts • Ayurveda • Pranayama • Yoga Nidra • Pratipaksha Bhavana • Tools of Yoga and Ayurveda