Yoga Therapist certification: PranaYoga Cikitsā Training

The only IAYT-accredited program taught exclusively in Colorado 

Yoga Therapy Training

Opens with a long weekend, Winter 2025:

January 24 from 2 – 6 p.m. & January 25 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. & January 26 from 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Training meets weekly on Wednesday 2 – 6 p.m. with 1 weekend each month (option in July 2025 to switch to Monday) 

The depth of Yoga Therapy study provides multiple tools and techniques that enable the practitioner to work with the many facets of each client from a holistic approach.

Our Yoga Therapy philosophy is:

“If you understand the philosophy of yoga, therapy unfolds from innate wisdom.”

Open House times for Yoga Therapist certification
Sat, June 1 from 9-10 a.m.     Tue, July 2 from 6-7 p.m.
Thu, August 1 from 1-2 p.m.    Tue, Sep 3 from 5-6 p.m.
Tue, Oct 1 from 5-6 p.m.     Wed, Oct 30 from 2-3 p.m.

In-person or zoom:

Learn more about the program below and contact us for your next steps! 

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For the PranaYoga Cikitsā Training, we encourage students to have a strong background in the foundations of yoga philosophy yogāsana, prānāyāma, meditation, āyurveda, and mantra prior to starting the full training. A minimum of 500 hours of yoga education is required prior to starting the PranaYoga Cikitsā Training, including a minimum of 3 years of personal practice and two years teaching (or special considerations must be approved by the director). 

Our goal is to teach the application of yoga tools in a therapeutic setting.

yoga therapy

Within your application for this program, the questions will draw out your desire to expand into yoga therapy. The application will also include an exam that will illustrate the previous education you’ve had in yoga and the application of subtle body and yoga philosophy within teaching yoga. Acknowledging the depth and extensive nature of this program, we ask that you send in your registration materials ahead of time to allow PranaYoga to serve you the best.  

In this 1380-hour PranaYoga Cikitsā Training, you will gain the tools to be able to apply yoga therapeutically in many different applications to facilitate people transforming their life.  Additionally, you will deepen your own personal yoga connection and practice. Our training meets over 4 years, with each year approximately 10 months long. We offer an in-person training. Under significant circumstances, weekly sessions may be attended online but weekends have in-person requirements. 

yoga therapy

You are required to take a bridge program training, Deepening Practices, offered before the full Yoga Cikitsā training begins: Bridge Training and advanced Continuing Education course, Deepening Practices

Deepening Practices is an opportunity to introduce yourself to aspects of yoga that may not have been included in your basic training, or support maturing your basic yoga foundational knowledge.

The bridge course is a 45-hour advanced continuing education course. Come and experience PranaYoga’s style of teaching before committing to the full training. Additionally, this class may help you to choose further advanced trainings as it includes a survey of advanced yoga topics. 

Taught by a knowledgeable team of teachers.
Curriculum by Hansa C-IAYT, LMT, KCYT, yoga instructor since 1988.

Yoga Therapy program

Our Yoga Therapist training program known as 
PranaYoga Cikitsā: The Therapeutic Application of Yoga
is accredited by the
nternational Association of Yoga Therapists.
For more information, visit:

PranaYoga Cikitsa: The Therapeutic Application of Yoga

Throughout the training, you will:

* Increase your knowledge about human anatomy from the western anatomical perspective as you deepen Eastern philosophy knowledge, gaining an expanded understanding of anatomical movement and the cakra-s, koṣa-s, vāyu-s.

* Discover Yoga’s sister science, Āyurveda, and how to custom tailor therapeutic yoga routines based on the principles of āyurveda.

* Learn adaptations for yogāsana (postures) for various concerns such as back problems, joint dysfunction, tight muscles, fibryomyalgia, depression and other considerations.

* Gain tools to help support the emotional, social, and spiritual development of each individual.

* Study the foundations of yoga cikitsā as outlined in classical yoga texts.

Each module of the PranaYoga Cikitsā Training will help you mature your Yoga Cikitsā skills:

After the first module, you will be able to apply basic structural yoga therapy.  You will be grounded in basic body reading for yoga assessment.  Foundations of yoga philosophy, āyurveda and western medicine will be introduced.

Blending the second and third module themes of developing and maturing yoga tool skills, we will study the original sources of yoga therapy by reading the classical texts of yoga. Additional yoga tools such as prānavāyu movement, yoga nidrā, śārīra mudrā and dṛṣṭi will be explored based on the classical texts study. We will explore the epics and rājā yoga texts to integrate the social, emotional and psychospiritual tools with yoga insights. You will expand your therapy techniques through the experience and exploration of hasta mudrā, marma therapy, dṛṣṭi, yantra, mahāvidyā, ritual, lifestyle tools, diet and more. Techniques for case taking will be explored and practiced.

Your career begins with practicum mentorship throughout the second module onward. You will be mentored in applying tools and case management skills as you develop your therapeutic practice.

Within the fourth module is the culmination of the previous work. You will learn the pathology of diseases, āyurveda and yoga philosophical considerations. Yoga and basic āyurveda tools will be explored to address wellness concerns. You will practice interfacing yoga, āyurveda and medical information to assess and develop a protocol as you facilitate the client. In this component, the real depth of the scope of practice will be explored.

Use this register link to pay your registration fee.

Application submission for an evaluation of your education.

General disclosure form for our files.

YTT Exam (PDF) for submission with application.

Requirements include a minimal 500 hour training (an exemption is considered for students of PranaYoga’s CYTT), a minimum of 3 years of personal practice and two years teaching (or special considerations must be approved by the director), an application form including an exam that will parlay into a bridge program, and an interview. You must be actively teaching during the training.

School Policies
We have a full listing of school ethics, policies including attendance, payment schedules, student grievances, and more in our catalog. You’ll receive a copy of this within your registration. You must fill out an application to complete your registration. It recommended that you review the policies as you prepare to register for the course. Contact us about a copy.

Cost of the Program

ONLY $16 an hour
(less than the average yoga class)

Your Yoga Therapy Training Investment includes:

A non-refundable fee of $250 is due with your registration when you apply, increases occur beginning December 2, 2024. 

Tuition includes $4800 every year for 4 years. This totals $19,200. We offer the option to set your own payment plan within the training format.

Additional costs of approximately $1200 that include training manuals and text books for all 4 years.