Kula Sangha Meditations

Presented by 4Beings:
Hansa Knox, Priti Chanda Klco,
Jeremy Wolf, John Vosler
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Both/And: Merging the Masculine/Feminine 
June 14, 2022

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Kula Sangha Meditations
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This month’s theme:
Spirit is gender-full, or is it genderless? There may not be an answer to the question because Spirit Source is both/and. There is a time when we need to be affirmative and a time to be creative. Journey toward source is being the flow between the two with grace and ease. Yet, our body and societal identity puts us in a box. In our journey, can we move beyond the external identity and carry into our wholeness with both/and? 

Sanga means to be coming together.
It is the process. 

Sangha is the gathering, the community
that results from Sanga. 

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