Hasta Mudra (PYTT)


Presented by Hansa Knox, C-IAYT, LMT, KCYT


In this course: 

You will encounter a health and wellness opportunity using Hasta Mudra. Learn how to utilize this ancient tool of your fingers! During this time of health concern, what better way to take care of yourself by using your hands to channel life force into areas that are or may be compromised.

Hasta (hand) mudrā (tool to channel energy) is used in the Yoga and Āyurveda traditions. Prāna, the Life Force, is channeled through the body via a nadī or energy lines. We link the energy lines and complete a circuit by connecting two different points, the fingers. The fingers become like the tungsten in a bulb creating light.

The series includes the basic philosophy, and more important, we are going to spend a lot of time “tying” our fingers into different positions and exploring the benefits. Although I can teach the basics, I can’t tell you exactly how mudrā work and through our experiences, you’ll understand something is going on!

The course has a basic outline, and is adapted to the goals of the registered students. The first week starts with an experience of mudrā, some philosophy and then a practice for breathing, endocrine balancing (which keeps our immune system strong) and clarifying goals. In the second week, we choose mudrā for selected health issues including digestion, breath work, constipation, etc. The third week explores the mental emotional mudrā and based on the group, we may explore the Gāyatrī Mudrā series. The fourth week rounds out the course with additional Spiritual mudrā.

We request you purchase the book, Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi. If you already have a mudrā book by Joseph LePage or Indu Arora, you can use that book instead.

This course is part of our Advanced YTT, see more below. 

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