Chakra: The Inside Story


Each of us is an expression of Source.  According to Shaivism, Samkhya philosophy, and subtle body theory, you are the expansion of the vibrations of the great Lord, Paramasiva.  The expansion of Shiva is an exploration of the samskrit alphabet and then the interconnected vortex of the alphabet into a wheel of energy, a chakra. 
This workshop is an exploration of the alphabet from its initial vibration of ‘a’ to the last letter ‘h.’ In our study of the letters, we will examine selected pulsing dynamics of the letters, such as:
• an expression of Spirit, in samskrit, the tattva,
• a movement also known as a vritti, which effects the mental body,
• and, an energy point on the physical body, the bahya matrika and/or a marma point, the alphabet of the body.
Each vibration is the essence of a petal surrounding a chakra. After discussing the essence of each letter, we will group them according to their chakra. Our end goal is to understand how the pulsing vibrations define the inner essence of chakra, not just the external manifestation most frequently taught. Plus, how we use this information to support our yoga practice. And for yoga therapists, how we can use this tool to enhance our work. 

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You must have a 200 RYT equivalent certification before you can register. Courses can be used as continuing education.

Sample of topics include these and more:

Advanced Core Basics
Chakra, Tantra, and Esoteric Anatomy
Hatha Yoga Classical Texts incl. Patanjali Yoga Sutras
Teaching Methodology
Ayurveda for Yogasana Class
The Epics

Sample of special interest courses include:

Children’s Yoga
Prenatal Yoga
Senior Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Yoga as Therapy