now — A Deeper Look! 2021 Astrology Review



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In this workshop: 

In this workshop, we will apply the major 2021 planetary transits to each of the signs. By examining the transits from the perspective of each individual zodiac sign, we can get more information about how the planetary framework of the current year will set up for individuals. 
Vedic astrology, or jyotisha, employs the astronomically observable “sidereal” zodiac, which places planets at a slightly different location in the zodiac than Western astrology. In 2021, Saturn will occupy his own sign of Capricorn, Jupiter will move between Capricorn and Aquarius, and the nodal axis will transit through the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. These slower moving planets create the scene,  the structure of the planetary play for 2021. How can we use this structure on an individual basis to improve our circumstances, maximize positive influences and avoid pitfalls as we navigate this calendar year? Let’s find out!
Each of the workshop participants will be asked for their birth information and will be given their Vedic astrological chart as reference for the workshop. This is optional.